Salone Events

This is a website all about supercars and racing...enough said! Penta in.

Salone Events
Art direction,
Brand design
Lead Design - In collaboration with Speccy Media

The Project

Salone Events is an events company primarily in the world of motorsport, offering fast paced events across the world at iconic motor circuits, European supercar road trip and high end hospitality. Working in collaboration with Speccy Media who were appointed to build the Salone website, Penta were given free reign on the site design...something we were very excited for. Salone were looking to pivot the brand to focus on motorsport and develop a new site that really showed this off.

The Result

A slick and seamless website befitting of the fast paced world of motorsport built by Speccy who did an incredible job, making sure the booking system was faultless and conversion was the best it could be. We designed the site to reflect the nuances you see in the world of racing and supercars, minimal in style with bold colours to draw attention where needed. We used textures and patterns to lift the design and ensured information was clear and easy to navigate.  

Salone Events