Record Scholarship Trust

Helping bright children fulfil their gifts

The Record Scholarship Trust endeavors to make a meaningful impact - although modest in numerical terms, it holds immense significance for each child and family it assists. Through the trust's efforts, Record Scholars will have the privilege of attending one of 14 outstanding independent schools across the UK, renowned for their unwavering dedication to bringing out the full potential of each and every student.

The Record Scholarship Trust engaged Penta to create a new brand identity and website that accurately reflects the unparalleled value it provides to children. Collaborating closely with the trust's directors and marketing team, we developed a sleek and straightforward visual identity system that effectively blends color, imagery, and typography to evoke a modern yet timeless educational ambiance.

Our primary logo features the Record R, a three-dimensional serif icon inspired by ancient lettering and stone sculpting, symbolizing trust and empowerment. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of educational sources, such as Greek mythology, classical architecture, and contemporary learning, we crafted a sophisticated color palette, typography, and image selection. Using the Webflow platform, we designed and built the RST website in-house, opting for its user-friendly interface, speed, and efficiency. The site primarily serves as a brochure, but it is packed with valuable information and also features a password-protected portal for school document downloads.

Record Scholarship Trust

The Record Scholarship Trust was in need of a new and exciting brand identity and website, Penta came recommended to us and we knew we were in good hands after discussing the kind of thing we needed. We are delighted with the clarity, process and outcome of the RST brand and website, it provides us with a unique and beautiful platform to build the trust upon.

Andrew Halls
Director of the Record Scholarship Trust

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