Parham House

Giving heritage and history a new home for many years to come.

Set in the heart of West Sussex, Parham house is a hugely popular Elizabethan attraction owned and run by Lady Emma and Mr Barnard. After almost 2 years of no visitors due to Covid, Parham House were readying themselves for a grand reopening and launch of new website. Together with Speccy, we met the Barnard family and Parham team on multiple occasions to discuss, understand and soak in the beauty and wonder of the Parham estate. This was to be the baseline for everything we created.

The primary goal was to capture the sheer beauty and history contained within the walls of the estate, and create a site that would express this to the public. We made them dig through the archives of blueprints, antique documents and historical images and fire up their office scanner. Countless hours discussing colours, patterns and how we wanted to make the website feel like an extension of the home and family.

A stunning, blazing fast and seamless website built inside of Wordpress which the Parham team were already familiar with. Speccy transformed our designs using subtle animations and fades using Greensock Javascript technology, the subtle parallax movements and animations lift the design to engage the viewer and bring it all to life. We ensured content and modules were easy to create and stack, meaning users were guided through sections with ease. Interactive maps, draggable timelines and galleries were some of the main features, all seamlessly working across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Parham House

Penta were recommended to us at an early stage in our recruitment process, and it quickly became apparent when we met Penta that they were exactly the right agency to partner with for the project. We worked together to create a brand new website for Parham House, whilst remaining true to the ethos and unique sense of place which makes Parham so special. Penta were incredibly supportive and professional throughout this process and it was a delight to work with. We are thrilled with the result and will certainly be back for further support in the future.

David Wise

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