Bringing Knight Rider to the tech industry without the hairy chests and perms. Working in collaboration with Superrb Studio, Penta re-aligned Logixal Solutions to stand out from their competition.

Art direction,
Brand design
Lead creative on visual ID - Working in collaboration with Superrb Digital

The Project

Penta Studio often works in partnership with other agencies as a branding specialist, we joined forces with Superrb Studio of Southsea for the relaunch of Logixal Solutions. We were tasked with dissecting why their current branding was not cutting the mustard, and how we could position them visually as a leader in a stereotypically bland landscape. Working with the Logixal team, we encouraged complete freedom and reflection of their characters and work ethics into visual journey, exploring many different routes but always keeping the end goal in sight.

The Result

A Knight Rider inspired, super hi-tech minimal and contemporary ID, standing head and shoulders above their competition and forming a new standard in the IT industry. The ID consists of very simple forms and colours, taking cues simple things like a flashing red LED on a server, to specialist fonts designed for printed material and coding symbols. No expense was spared on the digital or print aspects of the project, if it was going to be done, it was going to be done right. Triple layer embossed and metallic foiled cards, letterheads and folder packs for a start, and a completely custom built site from Superrb.

The relaunch was a massive 'look at us now' to everyone, and the business continues to grow exponentially. We like to think we had a little something to do with that.