Hewitt Matthews

A new brand and visual identity to relaunch a young and growing digital agency, Hewitt Matthews.

Hewitt Matthews
Art direction,
Brand design
Lead creative

The Project

Hewitt Matthews was set up back in 2016 when they were known as DigitalDinos, created by 2 college friends, they teamed up to create a new and exciting digital agency. DigitalDinos approached Penta to relaunch the agency, with a completely new brand name, logo, visual ID and website. We started by looking at the repositioning aspects of the agency, making sure their offering was clear and that we were fully communicating 'the why' of both Reece and Carl, and the company.

With a blank canvas, we got the brushes out, mind-mapping, discussing, creating...why were they different? How did they offer something better to anyone else? What should we call ourselves! Once boxes were ticked and decisions made, we could make a start at skinning the cat.

The Result

A super clean, simple and adaptable identity consisting of a minimal word-mark and HM emblem, a stamp, a seal of approval to be proud of. Keeping things all digital, we developed a mixed colour palette of simple solids and punchy colours alongside gradients, a play of dark and light was the red thread throughout the creative. Being a web development agency too, we chose to create designed modules that complimented the ID for them to build using their own preferred CMS. We also created a branded presentation document in their preferred program InDesign, and pulled all the elements together into a guidelines document to ensure the ID remains consistent.

When the clients gets branded t-shirts printed, we know they love it as much as we do.

Hewitt Matthews