Empowering a movement with movement

Fiture was stuck in the past, a highly technical innovative fitness mirror product with an old and dated identity with nowhere to go, a Ferrari with a Fiat Punto engine.

Fiture gave us a challenge - to revolutionize their fitness world, redefine what it meant to be part of the Fiture family, and create a new visual identity that would transcend all of its global communication channels. Through meticulous market research and strategic positioning workshops, we were able to carve out a unique niche in a market crowded with cookie-cutter brands, making Fiture stand out like a flamingo among pigeons.

The new identity draws inspiration from movement, not only in terms of physical motion but also in the evolution of technology and in-home fitness equipment. The curves in the logo mirror the Fiture Mirror's elegant design, while the overall identity is designed to inspire, uplift, and invigorate, creating the sense that it is always in motion.

With a global rebrand, the rollout of the new ID system was instant, but due to the vast number of touchpoints across the company, the primary brand will transition gradually through a long-term phased approach. As a result, some of our visuals still display the old brand during this transition period.

Working from the ground up, we designed a new logo and icon alongside a comprehensive visual design language that would help take Fiture into a whole new world. We worked on:

- Global design system supported with guidelines
- Ongoing consultancy and design support across socials and CRM systems
- Photoshoot direction and editing
- Animation/motion guides
- Motion Engine (Fitures tracking system) design
- Packaging


After exploring multiple studios to take on Fiture re-launch, it was clear we HAD to work with Penta. From start to finish they just got us, and where the Fiture brand had to go. We worked closely with the whole team and they absolutely smashed this one out the ball park. Best team ever.

Ann Rhee
Head of Creative Studio Operations

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