Giving a global freelance movement a unique and flexible brand identity.

Art direction,
Brand design
Lead Creative

Cohort is a tech company that delivers a range of products and services, currently geared towards the online freelance economy. Cohort is seeking to change the shape of the freelance world – changing people lives, on a global scale for the better, whilst also being a commercial entity.

Imagine a world where anyone regardless of their background has the ability to find work that they are passionate about. Has access to free education to learn the skills needed to do that work. Access to customers on a global scale who will pay them for that work and access to a borderless financial system.

The Aim

Cohort required a visual identity system that encompassed all that they stood for and would be flexible to work across a fast-growing platform. Their audience was broad and complex, from current and potential shareholders and investors, licensees, financial providers, educational bodies and B2B.

Cohorts brand structure is in development and subsequent roll-out stages, but consisted of;

Cohort – Is the parent brand and when we talk about it we refer to all products and services. It’s the all-inclusive tech company that delivers everything.

Freelance– An online freelancing platform

Passport– Data management platform

Foundation– The educational arm giving access for the world to free education

Labs– Technology and training expansion

The Result

A simple, bold and adaptable identity that aligns with Cohorts personality. We worked closely with the Cohort team to ensure that the ID worked across the full platform. The term Cohort means ‘a group of people with a shared characteristic’ and so we began by researching and understanding exactly what makes Cohort tick, and how the idea was going to grow. In such early stages, it was important to understand why they existed and how this platform was going to help people.

Still under development, Cohort aims to launch imminently and with full effect all working towards the same goal, to develop an inclusive and borderless financial ecosystem, free and accessible education and an online global platform for freelancers in both regional and specialist communities.

Created with and credit to Mcfaul_Day